John J Dick, the voice of Serious Sam, joins the cast of This Is the Police

36fb1420fd5693ed9039c311498dfc73_originalAny ideas who the hell Kevin Paulsen is?

This Is the Police “So Barbaric” Trailer + more news!


Sorry for being so quiet lately, but we are back with the new trailer and some exciting news.

This Is the Police will be published by EuroVideo Medien and the game is set to release this summer as a digital download for PC, Mac and Linux. Console versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will follow soon after.

Also, check out our Steam Page. Isn’t she a beauty?

«Jack, report your status!»


Hi guys!
Thank you very much for your patience.
Some news, as promised.

  1. The full version of This Is the Police will be released in the first half of 2016 on PC, Mac, Linux and other platforms. Beta backers will receive the beta version of the full game at least 1 month before the actual release.
  2. December is the last month to pledge via our website. On January 1st 2016 pledge page will be taken down.
  3. All the backers (from Kickstarter and our site) will be able to play the game in January. How? Well, stay tuned for more news!
  4. Next week we are going to release a video of one of our developers playing the game and commenting its gameplay (for backers only), so you’ll have a better understanding of how This Is the Police works.

As always, your questions are very welcome, and we’ll try to respond as quick and as detailed as possible.

Thank you again!

This game has been Greenlit by the Community!


Guess who just got greenlit to release on Steam? This Is the Police did! Thank you guys for this awesome support, thank you for believing in us.


This Is the Police on Steam Greenligh

Hi guys!
Today is the day! Please support us on Steam Greenlight (and tell your friends)!







Also here is our first gameplay trailer, please check it out:

Screenshots and more


Hi guys!
We were going to post an update September 30. It’s only September 28 now, but hey, who’s counting?

1) This Is the Police is coming to Steam Greenlight next week. Be prepared!
2) We are still looking for a partner, so if you are a publisher, you like our game and you hate censorship, please contact us at
3) No boring talks today, but a lot of game footage. Party hard. (But we are still open to answer your questions, so don’t be shy)

So, let’s watch all the pictures right here on our Kickstarter page.

Weappy and Team17 aren’t working together anymore

onearmedbandit [Recovered]-01

Some news, guys. Weappy and Team17 aren’t working together anymore due to some disagreements. Of course this affects a lot of our plans, but the most important thing – our great desire to deliver you a good game is unchangeable.

We’ll get back to you on September 30 with some big update and a lot of game footage. Thank you very much for your support and your patience.

Factions of Freeburg


Salute everyone. Today we have another sweet update for you. It’s Factions of Freeburg. Сan you guess who is who?

The City of Freeburg


Halloa everyone. Week and a half ago we promised to show you the sweet city of Freeburg. Believe it or not, the time is now. And we are not only showing you the fanciest parts of Freeburg, where all the partying and celebrations happen while rich people become richer, but also popular places like ghetto, farms (my personal favourite homeland of vegetables) and much more.

Yesterday we finally finished alpha-version of the city. Our team spent heavily on it, but yolo, no regrets and so on. Some of the major steps are done, but still the city is far away from finish. We will continue to work on numerous small details like benches, cars, road signs, buns and etc. It’s work in progress as Freeburg grows every day, but even alpha looks pretty solid and beautiful, don’t you think?

The City of Freeburg

P.S. Our artist Andrew, who was so tired he has slept the last 20 hours, says hi.

Between promising and performing, a man may marry his daughter


It has been a long time since we promised PayPal support to you guys. A lot of you got tired of asking us about deadlines and we were never more sad then in the moments when replied to messages like «Why don’t you want my money? PLEASE ADD PAYPAL!» We are really ashamed for all the delays, but finally it’s here. Yes, right here. Click this link. And and as a compensation we are offering not only PayPal, but also Amazon Payments, CC and even cagey and anonymous Bitcoins. And all this by the courtesy of sweet Humble Bundle who will help us not only with post-Kickstarter funding, but also with delivering Kickstarter rewards for our backers. So, share, retweet, like, give a thumbs-up and spread the word any way you like.

If you have any questions about all this post-Kickstarter noise, don’t hesitate to write us right here or at  

Next time we will talk more about this Is the Police stuff and give you a little sneak peak at awesome Freeburg city. Stay tuned!

Con amore, Weappy.