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Hi guys!
We were going to post an update September 30. It’s only September 28 now, but hey, who’s counting?

1) This Is the Police is coming to Steam Greenlight next week. Be prepared!
2) We are still looking for a partner, so if you are a publisher, you like our game and you hate censorship, please contact us at mail@weappy-studio.com
3) No boring talks today, but a lot of game footage. Party hard. (But we are still open to answer your questions, so don’t be shy)

So, let’s watch all the pictures right here on our Kickstarter page.


Halloa everyone. Week and a half ago we promised to show you the sweet city of Freeburg. Believe it or not, the time is now. And we are not only showing you the fanciest parts of Freeburg, where all the partying and celebrations happen while rich people become richer, but also popular places like ghetto, farms (my personal favourite homeland of vegetables) and much more.

Yesterday we finally finished alpha-version of the city. Our team spent heavily on it, but yolo, no regrets and so on. Some of the major steps are done, but still the city is far away from finish. We will continue to work on numerous small details like benches, cars, road signs, buns and etc. It’s work in progress as Freeburg grows every day, but even alpha looks pretty solid and beautiful, don’t you think?

The City of Freeburg

P.S. Our artist Andrew, who was so tired he has slept the last 20 hours, says hi.