1,017 Backers!

It’s just a good number and sweet reason to celebrate, but we control ourselves. Still, there is a long way ahead, so please stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

Ambassador Program

Hey, cadets. We have a little announcement for you. Backers who can help us to get some additional coverage from websites, forums and social media, will get the roles of special agents in the game. Being our ambassador is the only way to become an agent, so this thing is extremely exclusive for a small group of awesome guys. Also you’ll get Freeburg PD T-shirts if we hit 30k goal (T-shirts are exclusive for our ambassadors as well).

If you are willing to join our elite squad send an email to ambassador@weappy-studio.com

First 100 backers!

Hi there! We’ve hit the 100 backers mark on day one and boy, this is a miraculous feeling! We’ve watched the backer numbers rise minute by minute, hour by hour and that is what we going to do the next 29-ish days of the campaign – trying to reach out and keeping you updated on everything.

That is the first step towards the goal – each of you means a lot for us — just like a Freeburg to Jack Boyd. He’s a man in a tricky situation, willing to do everything in order to achieve his goal. So do we. Thank you for the support and stay tuned for our frequently asked questions post — you may submit anything that interests you here, in the comments.

You’re awesome!

And we are live!

We have no idea how to survive next 29 days, but it’s already the best experience of our lives. And this is only the beginning of a great journey.
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