It has been a long time since we promised PayPal support to you guys. A lot of you got tired of asking us about deadlines and we were never more sad then in the moments when replied to messages like «Why don’t you want my money? PLEASE ADD PAYPAL!» We are really ashamed for all the delays, but finally it’s here. Yes, right here. Click this link. And and as a compensation we are offering not only PayPal, but also Amazon Payments, CC and even cagey and anonymous Bitcoins. And all this by the courtesy of sweet Humble Bundle who will help us not only with post-Kickstarter funding, but also with delivering Kickstarter rewards for our backers. So, share, retweet, like, give a thumbs-up and spread the word any way you like.

If you have any questions about all this post-Kickstarter noise, don’t hesitate to write us right here or at  

Next time we will talk more about this Is the Police stuff and give you a little sneak peak at awesome Freeburg city. Stay tuned!

Con amore, Weappy.