Our Kickstarter campaign ended over a month ago and it was an insane time ever since. Enormous amount of work has been done, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what lies ahead. Right now we are looking for additional people to make sure we deliver everything we promised in the best possible way. Everyone at Weappy is fully dedicated and daily sacrifice strength, nerves, sleep and souls to make This Is the Police into something we can be proud of. No compromises here.

A bunch of other things happened this month. We worked hard on the mechanics of This Is the Police and came up with some cool new ideas to enrich game and make it even more deep and addictive. We are definitely going to talk about it in the future updates, which will be waiting here for you on a regular basis. We also keep working on some things brought to our attentions by backers and people who couldn’t pledge due to various reasons and we won’t rest until we find a satisfactory solution. We haven’t forgotten about it and will get back to you soon.

We know a lot of you guys have questions about This Is the Police, our work, plans and even favourite colors and political views. We want to answer them all. Feel free to ask us anything and our magic gnomes will try to collect answers for the next update.